Newer Prints

These are prints I've done over the last few years.  I don't produce nearly the volume I once did, but I think the color in these is far more pleasing than in my earlier work.  My palette is much improved with age, and I've certainly mellowed a bit. The subject matter is certainly less challenging than my old stuff. 

What am I looking at here?

With the exception of the one black and white woodblock print, these are all Mono-prints.  That means that each one is an original, unique work of art made using printmaking techniques.  The technique used is called "Styrofoam block, reduction printing."  It is very similar to woodblock printing, but a block of Styrofoam (usually a recycled meatpacking tray) is used in place of wood.  Reduction printing is a technique that allows printing in multiple colors using a single block.  Starting with a fresh, uncut block, I print the first color.  I then cut, gouge or trim the block to reduce the surface area, and print a different color on top of the first.  Each cut area allows the earlier color to show through.  I prefer to print each color while the previous color is still wet.  This allows the colors to mix on the paper and achieve some very interesting, unpredictable, results.  This also makes it very difficult to print in editions (multiple, identical images).  I use each block to print many different variations of the same basic image, as you will see below.

Click on any of the thumbnails for a closer look.  Another window will open with a larger image in it.

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All images 2001 by Christopher Setlock