Planning and executing a home renovation requires an endless stream of decisions, and an experienced team of professionals to help turn your vision into a reality. When I set out to renovate two bathrooms this summer, I enlisted the assistance of Chris Setlock at Ace Hardware’s new kitchen and bath design center, and of all the decisions I made related to this project, choosing Chris to be my guide through the design and implementation process was hands down the best decision I made.

Chris is a pro when it comes to the ins and outs / ups and downs of a renovation, and he knows what elements combine to make a good finished product from a design perspective. My husband served as general contractor for this project, and I was the overall project manager–with a lot of help from Chris, who listened carefully to my goals (maximize storage, increase functionality, and modernize the overall look of the bathrooms) and offered observations / suggestions that helped guide my choices.

One of his best ideas was to offset the sink to maximize counter space in the small Master bath–genius! I never would have thought of that. When I told him jewelry storage was a particular issue for me, he came up with a plan for a jewelry cabinet (a smaller version of the wall cabinet) that was a perfect solution. If I came up with an idea that appealed to me but didn’t work with the rest of the design elements (for example, old-fashioned glass knobs for the cabinet doors), he would explain why another option might work better with the overall look we were going for, his focus always on the big picture.

During the several months of this process, I had a never-ending list of questions and concerns that Chris never seemed daunted by. He was supportive and helpful through a number of “hiccups,” providing information and encouragement with unfailing patience and good humor.

Our bathrooms are now mostly done–just a few details left to finish–and the look and improved functionality have exceeded my expectations. The cabinets are excellent quality, and the color of the cabinetry + vanity counter tops blends perfectly with the flooring we used as a starting point. The higher sinks and toilets are a huge improvement, and the slow-close mechanisms on doors, drawers, and toilet seats add a touch of class. All in all, I got what I wanted: better-than-average quality at a fair price. It was not inexpensive, but a renovation such as this is an investment in the value of a home, and in the day-to-day enjoyment of it.

Based on my experience, I would recommend Chris, and the businesses he represents, without hesitation. His knowledge, experience, design sense, people skills, and problem-solving abilities are first rate. I learned a lot from him, and have no doubt that the end result of our renovation was better because of his involvement in it.

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